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Koike Cutting machine IK-93T Edge-Cut

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Machine handle with centralized controls

IK-93T Edge-Cut is designed in cooperation with the shipbuilding industry to meet the need for simple, yet effective plate edge preparation. The IK-93T Edge-Cut performs high quality single or double bevels with out the need for a rail. V- Grooves essential to full penetration welds can be performed with just one pass. Ease of set up and constant speed ensure high quality cutting even during long distant cutting. The Koike Snap Valve allows pre-setting of flames to reduce set up time while reducing gas waste. 

Features and Benefits

Trackless bevelling bevels plate edge top and bottom, up to 45 degrees without need for track. For V, X, Y, and K bevel welding preparation on the edge.
■ Pre-set flame unique Koike preset stop valve allows saving flame settings and quickly turns gases on and off
■ Pistol shape grip operator can control forward / reverse, clutch and speed adjustment with just one hand
■ Compact and lightweight although the machine is equipped with two torches and gas unit, it only weighs 12 kg, machine can be moved from one plate to the other easily
■ Multi purpose by removing caster on the bottom of the machine, straight cutting can be done by use of rail

Scope of delivery:
- Machine body with 2 torch set and plate edge guide roller 
- Cutting nozzles (102HC or 106HC, 2 sets of size #0, 1, 2) 
- Power cable Standard tool set 
- Operation manual


IK-93T Edge-Cut 42V
€ 3.280,00 incl. btw € 3571,92 € 2952,00

Optional accessories  
Extension rail 1800 mm f. IK-93
€ 177,00 incl. btw € 192,75 € 159,30
Circle cutting attachment f. IK-93
€ 190,00 incl. btw € 206,91 € 171,00
Transformer AC230V - 42V
€ 304,00 incl. btw € 331,06 € 273,60
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